In our serious pursuit of excellence, we travel the world to uncover the “best of the best” Saffron for our valued customers. We personally visit every Saffron farm to ensure our high standards are met or exceeded so our Saffron will always be of excellent quality.

Our passion for Saffron and uncompromising stance on quality mean that when you use Hiraney Saffron, you know you will be receiving outstanding Saffron of the finest quality. 

We take pride in two things above all others:

  • Offering only the finest Saffron and outstanding customer service.
  • We believe that the only acceptable outcome is a customer who is 100% satisfied with us and our products


The color of Saffron is vital to determinate the freshness. The threads, also called the stigmas are red with high quality Saffron. Other colors indicate that the Saffron is of lower quality. The second method to determine the freshness is the aroma. The aroma of good quality Saffron is always strong and fresh. Red Saffron with musty taste is old Saffron. Dark-colored or orange Saffron offered in powder formats means low quality.


High-quality Saffron is with no exception fresh and pure, if Saffron tastes sweet it is probably adulterated. The highest quality Saffron has a deep vivid red color, any other colors mean lower quality. Most Saffron products are rated and these are published on the pages of companies. Our Persian Saffron is rated as the highest quality of Saffron in the world. It is rated 259,3 by the lab test, therefore we can announce it as a premium Persian Saffron.


Unfortunately, many customers are misled by companies which sell fake Saffron. Corn husk, after being colored, for example, is often used because of its similarity to a Saffron thread. By tasting Saffron you can identify the purity, as the original aroma and flavor cannot be duplicated. Real Saffron will maintain its color, even when soaked in water for a few minutes. If the color washes out or fades it is fake.